Knuffle Bunny is a great book for both parents and children alike. Hilarious with its illustrations and its story line. Here is a great description of the first book in the picture book series and an interesting activity educators can use while incorporating the book in their lesson plans.

Children's Literature

Title: “Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale”

Author: Mo Willems

Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children

Copyright: 2004

Interest/Grade Level Equivalent: PreK/1.0 (scholastic)

Summary–Knuffle Bunny is a tale about Trixie and her beloved stuffed animal (Knuffle Bunny). Trixie and her dad go on a trip to the laundromat through the neighborhood and park. After they leave the laundromat, however, Trixie tries (she cannot speak yet) to tell her father that Knuffle Bunny is gone. When the family figures out what has happened, they all run back to the laundromat and find Knuffle Bunny in the washer. Trixie screams her first words, “Knuffle Bunny”, at the end.

Teaching Opportunities–

1) Talk about different ways of communication. How can you use your words to tell someone you are upset?

2) Have the children bring in their personal “knuffle bunny”. Have them tell the class what their “knuffle bunny’s” name is and why it is important to…

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