The Second Star to the Right…Remember When Kissing Was Gross?

Today I wanted to discuss the inner child archetype we all carry within us and of how important it is to tap into that energy.  As adults we are immersed in our daily routine of waking up, taking kids to school, going to work, picking kids up from school, making dinner, getting ready for bed etc. We stress ourselves to be the best parents, employees, friends. So much so, that we become incredibly burnt out by the end of each week.

Let me ask you something. When was the last time you went out to get some ice cream?  Not because the kids wanted some but because you did? How about going to an amusement park or getting away for a weekend? You remember all those amazing books your parents, teachers, nanny would read to you as a kid? Why haven’t you checked them out at the library? You can enjoy your own favorite book with your little ones. Take a break and allow yourself to PLAY!

It is only when we are at our most relaxed state of being that we are truly clear minded. We work more efficiently, are better at communicating with others and can truly enjoy ourselves. Instead of continuing on as a robot allow yourself (who cares if it’s only Tuesday) to be a kid for some time.

Don’t know what to do?
-Read your favorite children’s book to your family
-Go out for ice cream
-Watch a funny movie
-Play a game
-Go out with friends
-Take a bubble bath
-Play some basketball
-Have a Nerf Gun war!

Do whatever will make you feel like that little mischievous, fun-loving kid that has always been inside of you.
For now I will leave you with a song that is now a classic in the world of children’s literature as it is also a book. I’m sure that inner child of yours that’s been obscured by invoicing and bills will peep out and recognize it. Enjoy!

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