Courage, Strength and Adventure

I’ve been meaning to write this for far too long. Of course working as a bookseller in the only bookstore in town can leave one a bit taxed for time during the holiday season.

Today I wanted to touch on the subject of courage. What does it mean to be brave? When I ask myself this question I remember watching a program where director Tim Burton was interviewed. He was asked this same question and his response hit the tip of the iceberg at its best. “Being brave is being scared and doing it anyway,” he answered in reference to the subject matter at hand (the creation of his films and the portrayal of many of his characters sharing this very trait).

Burton had to sink into the mind of a nervous Alice scared of the world she has fallen into during the creation of Alice in Wonderland, the film adaption to the classic book by Lewis Carroll.

Alice’s character was forced to step out of her comfort zone completely after falling through that giant ditch. But if she had never chased the rabbit running through the garden with a ticking clock would she have ever had the chance to partake in a mad tea party with the likes of Hatter? Would she have ever had the chance to be guided or at times misguided by the Cashire cat through a fantastical forest? Be able to defy the Queen of Hearts who was all but loving and still be able to come out of it all with a sense of strength, appreciation and more knowledge of the people and places seen and unforeseen?

I think its safe to say being brave means:
-Being scared and pushing through the fear (as Burton believes)
-Being vulnerable enough (to meet others you may naturally never befriend or want to meet/ to expect the unexpected/ to be placed in uncomfortable situations/ to both make peace and fight for your beliefs)
-to face adversity.
-to be Daring
-to be proactive
-to have an open mind
-to have a heart for adventure and the willpower to constantly practice endurance until you see it through.
-Knowing when the journey has come to an end and being brave enough to leave it behind in order for a new one to begin

That my friends rings closer to home for me. Because being brave, means being human and having the courage to constantly want to improve our lives without being brought down by all the darkness that is around us.

During this holiday season read your child a book that will take them on an adventure. A few ideas: The Sword and Stone by T.H. White, The Hobbit (you new I’d add that) by J.R.R Tolkien, Alice and Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Suess. They all display courage at it’s best in one way or another.

And you dear reader, when’s the last time you had a real adventure? What are you waiting for? Go on be brave, stop waiting for it to come to you. It starts from within!



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