2012 is finally over! So much fear and trash was put out into the world during this past year in regards to the Apocalypse people were so fixated on. Low and behold we made it to 2013! Goodbye and good riddance to the challenges met and faced last year and welcome to the full potential of happiness, peace, love, success and health in this new year. I hope you all are as excited as I am.

I had the honor to see my family and friends after a five month retreat into the crazy town that’s challenged me in more ways than one here in Tennessee. Going back to Miami was more than refreshing, it was healing. Warm weather and palm trees aside (although to bask in the glory of the ocean again was breathtaking) my soul felt as if it had been taken apart and put back together again.

My adventures in these mountains of Tennessee made me a little more guarded, a little tougher and much too quiet for what my people remembered me to be. I had to relearn how to live relaxed, at peace and surrounded by those who truly love and care for me. Slowly but surely I was coaxed out of my armor and let myself breathe easy for a bit. It was like returning home after a fierce battle.

The week I was there was amazing in itself. Like a massage to the soul. Yesterday morning though, while it was still dark outside, I boarded an airplane and made my way back into the cold, leafless forest I have held as my training grounds for the past five months.

My adventure here has led me to a road of independence, fierce appreciation for the basic biological necessities needed for a human being to function including food, water and love. I have also learned endurance, strength of mind, body and how important it is to reconnect with inner peace and spirit. And that sometimes you can find friends in strangers.

My journey is beginning to reshape itself though. On the horizon I don’t see mountains and barren trees but instead a land where it is always summer. Where salt permeates the air and music is as electric and exotic as the city’s citizens. It rains as much as the sun shines and although challenging in all arenas love is the only shield needed for protection and the only net needed to help you bounce back from falling flat on your face when in a crunch. I’ll be back sooner than you think with fire blazing and ready to continue this incredible and sometimes dizzying adventure that has become my addiction. Back to the Magic City.

Happy New Year to you all. May 2013 bring you all that your heart, mind, spirit and pocket desires.

P.S.  I finally saw The Hobbit movie and loved it of course. I will admit the book holds my heart more and the Lord of the Rings movies felt much more intense and grabbing. Bilbo’s story creeps on you though. Cheering the underdog on has always been my way. Here’s a great song from the soundtrack. It’s fitting. Enjoy ladies and lads.


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