Those That Cross My Path

Sometimes the journey’s we find ourselves on are never really about us in the first place. Sometimes they are more about those we meet along the way. The Universe connects all living beings very much like a giant web. This basically means everyone you ever have or ever will be in contact with was somehow meant to cross your path. The very energy that makes this Earth part of the physical plane conspired in some way to connect you with certain people. You yourself  have played the role of spiritual professor without knowing so.

Judge, Professor, Rebel, Fool, Lover, Fighter, Victim, Jerk, Caregiver etc. The list goes on and on. Each person we come into contact with brings us the opportunity to act if not react to some part of ourselves always searching for something…more.

They open the doorway to opportunity, educate us through poetry, love and comfort. At others times they are people who place us in uncomfortable situations and by doing so force us to face change, challenge, patience, tolerance and acceptance. Positive and negative, shadow and light both provide an equal amount of nourishment to the ever evolving mind and spirit.  Many roads lead to divergent paths but even the janitor that goes unnoticed in a hall has something to do with your education as a spiritual being. Paupers are as important as those who play Princes.

Lessons are based not so much on action but on reaction. And your willingness to silence the mind and look beyond what you consider ordinary will open the window to your evolution. So no matter where your journey takes you, remember those who came along the way. In truth, they helped to make all your successes possible. Weather you liked their interaction on your stage or otherwise is an entirely different matter.

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