Treat Yourself Like Royalty

So we have entered a new year of opportunity in 2013. I wanted to touch base on the importance of taking care of oneself. Without that body you walk around in there would be no opportunity for growth, fun, adventure, or life for that matter. Too many of us are slaves to routine. Too many hours used up working and too little time to devote to the Self.

Treat your body like Royalty. This means knowing when to rest, when to say no, eating correctly, exercising and indulging in a fun activity or sweet every now and then. That of course is only the tip of the iceberg since it covers the physical and we are layered in so much more than that. Educating oneself is very important as well.

All royalty must be educated. Read a book every now and then and if you already are an avid book worm try reading something you never have before (genre/author etc.) This is all about growth after all and about breaking from routine. Taking up a class at the local community college or exploring virtual courses can keep your mind refreshed and up to date with its intellectual evolution.

For the Spirit: Incorporate yoga, some form of martial art, mediation, prayer or another comforting practice into your life that helps quiet the mind. Balance is key. Bubble baths, candlelight dinners, traveling anywhere will give you an opportunity to refresh your life with relaxation, new experiences and peace of mind.

You need to broaden your horizons, grow, go on adventures and take great care of the body you are living in (it is your temple after all). Appreciate the very fact that you can do absolutely anything you have ever wanted to do with just a thought. The time for complaining is over. We are the keeper of our choices and hold the keys to change. Test yourself, expand and remember you are royal.


Katherin Gomez

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