Babes of Blogland

vintage-miami-725911627Hello to All of Blogland,

I know I’ve been absent for what feels like far too long but it is to my great relief that I am happy, healthy, whole and once again back in Miami.  The process to move from Tennessee to Florida was a swift one and came to a surprise to just about everyone including myself. I booked a flight and headed back south only recently.

I was met by a mountain of challenges that seemed to pop out of every nook and cranny of the city when I arrived but after several months of boxing with life I have finally pulled my gloves off. This means I am back to the glory of my world: My family, my ocean and my writing. I will also report that I am recovering from a surgery that took place only a week ago. I am on my way to a quick recovery and am taking full advantage of my time to write and free my mind of all the toxins that have accumulated there within the past year.

So I do apologize my dears for the long break but your blogger babe is back, finishing up a novel and tuning in too you lovelies on a regular basis.


Your Kat!

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