Breaking the Habit and Keeping the Balance

Life Magazine
Life Magazine

Human beings are creatures of habit. We’ve heard this phrase countless times throughout our lives. We validate it every time we rise in the morning to shower, brew coffee and make it to work by punch-in time. In all seriousness we as a species find comfort in routine. Until it begins to grow sharp pointy teeth, jagged claws and drives us to pulling out our hair. This of course happens in work, school, relationships and even in something as basic as an exercise routine. So it’s safe to say routine does bring comfort to humans…until it simply doesn’t.

The key to personal freedom is to find what makes us happy and run with it. If you find yourself constantly doubting weather or not you want to work with numbers for the rest of your life, then maybe accounting is not what your meant to do. Weather it be painting, writing, teaching, falcon training, nursing someone to health, know yourself enough to push towards what makes you happy and then immerse yourself in it. At times this may cause us to leave decent seeming jobs. Would you rather be a miserable artist working as a banker or a happy artist who through perseverance may become successful?

If leaving a job, relationship, or other major factor of your life seems out of the question then find other things to do. Vacations, hobbies, night classes, , yoga, wine tasting, biking, spelunking, cos-play. Pick your poison, have fun and whenever you feel the routine monster whispering in your ear bat it away with the newly made fan you bought while on your trip to China.

Balance your life correctly and it will bring you peace of mind. Learn to play as hard as you work. Do not use your major responsibilities as set backs to enjoying life. It takes strength and courage to choose happiness. Make the right choice, break from routine and keep the balance.

Try Something New

YogaBelly Dancing
Aerial Silks
Cross Fit
Mixed Martial Arts

Creative Hobbies:
Craft Your Own Beer

Sky Diving
Vacation to ___________.
Bar Night (mid-week)
Weekend road trip

Fun Classes:
BYOB Painting Classes
Wine Tasting
Rock Climbing

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