Whisper in the Wind

To all the brave souls lost to cancer. And the legacy of strength they have left behind .

Pasty-lipped dried eyed dreamer
hair fallen from your crest,
Let me listen to your story as I listen to them best,
As a selfish soul imprisoned in illusion
not your own,
Time and issue miles behind you
only few more to be flown,
Speak to me your graces, your trials and your frustrations,
the way you tick, your machinations,
Spill to me your story, all its heights and all its glory
then drag me through your darkest depths,
Do not fear the wrath of judgment
in this world we all are sinners
all in need of paying a debt,
Cry out to me in your last hours
of every drop of immense power
you’ve held captive in your chest,
Leave a piece of you behind now
so the weaker souls can find how
to revert back to your strength

One Comment Add yours

  1. Monica says:

    Love this piece. Very intense

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