Katherin Gomez was born and raised in Miami, Fl. Her love for books stems back to early childhood when her mother became part of a book club. Books of all shapes and sizes were delivered to their doorstep every month and were read aloud before bed for the whole family to enjoy. Being able to jump into a book and/or write them brings her endless opportunities for adventure and fun. She lives in Miami with her loving family and the most handsome black cat.

Contact her at gomezmkatherin1209@yahoo.com

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Waiting for your next blog post

  2. Nice writing’s Katherine! Regards from spazlport.com 🙂 your web dude

  3. Hello! Guess what?
    You are this month’s featured blogger over at my blog! Congratulations!

    1. Wow, I just read your blog post about, well, me. Very surprised to have seen it. Thank you so much for choosing me. Quite lovely illustrations by the way. -Katherin

    2. I will say though that Miami does have many book stores. I just moved back from Knoxville TN where I worked at the only one. Lol. Here (in Miami, Fl) I am just focusing on finishing my Middle Grade fantasy book titled The Hollow Hills Series, Book 1: The Book of Riddles. Don’t know if you wanted to swap that in for the prior info. Anyway thanks so much I really love it.

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