Roots buried deep in the ground
Take hold my ankles beneath moon round
Make me one with your breath
Keep me safe in life and death
Arms outstretched to rays of light
Branches reaching day and night
Grounded feet buried deep
Fruits from harvest you will reap
Body, mind and spirit grow
As above, so below

Moving Forward and Other Things Humans Resist

I have to admit to having been a little sluggish as of late. Not so much with writing per say, as I’ve been prepping articles for the upcoming issue of UNIQUE ME magazine, but with other goals and dreams. Throughout our lives certain situations and circumstances may arise when least wanted or expected. When this happens we as human beings have the choice of being completely derailed from our main focus or surmounting the obstacle by better balancing our lives and moving forward.

I must admit to having been completely derailed. The fact that I am sharing this of course means that I am now trying desperately to get back on the horse and continue after my own aspirations of completing my middle grade novel and degree while keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I’ve been able to strengthen my relationships with friends, make new ones and visit places I’ve never been to or seen over the past couple of weeks. Locations in Midtown, the Art District, Brickell and Indy hangouts in South Beach and Coral Gables were great places to explore and have adventures unfold. They were part of a healing process really, trying to move on from a very difficult first half of the year while keeping as busy and distracted as possible.

I’ve written about balance in this blog before. The last post was on this very subject, as a matter of fact, which is why I’ve been missing in action. I was anything but balanced. My emotions turned into individual whirlwinds, I had no job, no appetite, dealt with the one year anniversary of a death in the family and other personal matters I’m not even willing to share that were piled up on me all at once. I slumped under the pressure for about two weeks. My book was left on the back burner and I was soon tipping the scale on play much more than work. As I said before it was part of a “healing process” I’ve been undergoing until I recognized how completely unbalanced I’d become. I’m not the type of person to abandon projects related to my life purpose for fear of manning up and moving forward from whatever issues I’m facing.

I forced myself to start doing things independently as I’ve always done. I shifted my mindset again in the direction of publication, education and well balanced meals and exercise. Color came back to my face, the dark circles under my eyes disappeared and I started writing for pleasure again. The last catalyst for manning up was attending boot camp for the first time after having surgery. I completed the entire training session and have been sore ever since. It helped the warrior archetype that was lying dormant within me resurface. Back came the drive to want to succeed and to make my dreams a reality. And what once felt debilitating feels like a dull pain. It’s true that time heals things, but so does will. Having the willingness to push forward and wanting to heal is what prompts positive change. Resisting this is what causes human suffering. Make the right choice.

P.S. While I did run amok in the city I found some local spots you might enjoy.
*All these locations have their own FB/websites. Can be found through a search engine. All have a bar/live music/DJ’s/karaoke. Some restaurants)  Check them out, have a little fun ; )

Blackbird Ordinary
Brickell Irish Pub
Fado Isrish Pub
Club 50 at the Viceroy Hotel

South Beach
Radio Bar
Kill Your Idol
Automatic Slims
Fox Hole

Mid-Town/Art District/Downtown
The Corner Bar (Looks like a saloon from the 1800s/awesome)
Art Walk (2nd Saturday of the month)

South Miami/The Gables
Titanic Restaurant and Brewery
Open Stage Club
John Martins Irish Pub
Red Koi


Breaking the Habit and Keeping the Balance

Life Magazine
Life Magazine

Human beings are creatures of habit. We’ve heard this phrase countless times throughout our lives. We validate it every time we rise in the morning to shower, brew coffee and make it to work by punch-in time. In all seriousness we as a species find comfort in routine. Until it begins to grow sharp pointy teeth, jagged claws and drives us to pulling out our hair. This of course happens in work, school, relationships and even in something as basic as an exercise routine. So it’s safe to say routine does bring comfort to humans…until it simply doesn’t.

The key to personal freedom is to find what makes us happy and run with it. If you find yourself constantly doubting weather or not you want to work with numbers for the rest of your life, then maybe accounting is not what your meant to do. Weather it be painting, writing, teaching, falcon training, nursing someone to health, know yourself enough to push towards what makes you happy and then immerse yourself in it. At times this may cause us to leave decent seeming jobs. Would you rather be a miserable artist working as a banker or a happy artist who through perseverance may become successful?

If leaving a job, relationship, or other major factor of your life seems out of the question then find other things to do. Vacations, hobbies, night classes, , yoga, wine tasting, biking, spelunking, cos-play. Pick your poison, have fun and whenever you feel the routine monster whispering in your ear bat it away with the newly made fan you bought while on your trip to China.

Balance your life correctly and it will bring you peace of mind. Learn to play as hard as you work. Do not use your major responsibilities as set backs to enjoying life. It takes strength and courage to choose happiness. Make the right choice, break from routine and keep the balance.

Try Something New

YogaBelly Dancing
Aerial Silks
Cross Fit
Mixed Martial Arts

Creative Hobbies:
Craft Your Own Beer

Sky Diving
Vacation to ___________.
Bar Night (mid-week)
Weekend road trip

Fun Classes:
BYOB Painting Classes
Wine Tasting
Rock Climbing

Treat Yourself Like Royalty

So we have entered a new year of opportunity in 2013. I wanted to touch base on the importance of taking care of oneself. Without that body you walk around in there would be no opportunity for growth, fun, adventure, or life for that matter. Too many of us are slaves to routine. Too many hours used up working and too little time to devote to the Self.

Treat your body like Royalty. This means knowing when to rest, when to say no, eating correctly, exercising and indulging in a fun activity or sweet every now and then. That of course is only the tip of the iceberg since it covers the physical and we are layered in so much more than that. Educating oneself is very important as well.

All royalty must be educated. Read a book every now and then and if you already are an avid book worm try reading something you never have before (genre/author etc.) This is all about growth after all and about breaking from routine. Taking up a class at the local community college or exploring virtual courses can keep your mind refreshed and up to date with its intellectual evolution.

For the Spirit: Incorporate yoga, some form of martial art, mediation, prayer or another comforting practice into your life that helps quiet the mind. Balance is key. Bubble baths, candlelight dinners, traveling anywhere will give you an opportunity to refresh your life with relaxation, new experiences and peace of mind.

You need to broaden your horizons, grow, go on adventures and take great care of the body you are living in (it is your temple after all). Appreciate the very fact that you can do absolutely anything you have ever wanted to do with just a thought. The time for complaining is over. We are the keeper of our choices and hold the keys to change. Test yourself, expand and remember you are royal.


Katherin Gomez