Side Effects and Prognosis 2017-2018 (Lotus Rises from the Water)

Seizures Confusion Altered state of consciousness Loss of speech Loss of appetite Loss of balance Loss of job Insomnia Depression Suicidal Ideation Racing thoughts Palpitations Stigma Heartbreak EKG Rage Anxiety Isolation Photo-sensitivity Flashbacks Tremors EEG PTSD Telemetry Breaking the silence Shrink Sessions Nightmares Convulsions Telemetry Misdiagnosis Pills Withdrawal Misdiagnosis Pills Withdrawal Diagnosis Dependency Withdrawal of…


This house is my refuge on most days, four walls and a ceiling keeping me safe from the sun’s rays. The light scares me now but not as much as I scare myself. Loneliness, a constant companion, only taking his coffee break when I force myself to sleep. That’s when the changing of the guards occur….