Hollow Bones


My eyes they sting
The fan it spins
The cat is in the yard,
The water’s hot
The room is not
And I find breathing hard,
My lip is split
My jaw is stiff
It’s grip is on my brain,
The sirens ring
The men walk in
My soul begins to drain,
The scans are fine
Blood trails a line
From vein out to a sack,
Just if you knew
What i’ve been through
I want my old life back,
If not the old
If not the bold
Then one that’s new and calm,
Where lights stay bright
No need to fight
Sunlight for the moons balm,
I pray this stops
The room it hops
Oh no it’s just me twitching,
I can relate
to the debate
scholars thought it a bewitching,
One bottle down
I’m frantic now
It was blessed by a priest,
Yet every night
I sit and bite
Down on a rich pill feast,
I must admit
I never quit
Yet the exhaustion battles,
With all i’ve got
At times my thoughts
They cause my mind to rattle,
God save me now
I don’t know how
To make this all less frightening,
Without your light
To break the night
I feel the rope is tightening

Awakening of the Warrior


Awakening of the Warrior

You hold the lock and key buried within the rising and falling of that borrowed chest
Encased in the prison of your ribs she screams
Suffocating, reaching out blindly, seeking the surface
Freedom comes at a price high enough to keep the most
Brilliant soul chained beneath the thickest of masks

Who knew flesh could turn dungeon
Smile a chant of deceit
and veins manacles

The present view a ghost in a shell
numb and molded to live out Dante’s hell

Suppressed she shatters and alive expands
Breaking molds of antiquity, freedom in modernity
Acceptance revoked once truth is spoken

Integrity comes at a price but weighs heavier than dishonor to the soul

Katherin Gomez