Hollow Bones


My eyes they sting
The fan it spins
The cat is in the yard,
The water’s hot
The room is not
And I find breathing hard,
My lip is split
My jaw is stiff
It’s grip is on my brain,
The sirens ring
The men walk in
My soul begins to drain,
The scans are fine
Blood trails a line
From vein out to a sack,
Just if you knew
What i’ve been through
I want my old life back,
If not the old
If not the bold
Then one that’s new and calm,
Where lights stay bright
No need to fight
Sunlight for the moons balm,
I pray this stops
The room it hops
Oh no it’s just me twitching,
I can relate
to the debate
scholars thought it a bewitching,
One bottle down
I’m frantic now
It was blessed by a priest,
Yet every night
I sit and bite
Down on a rich pill feast,
I must admit
I never quit
Yet the exhaustion battles,
With all i’ve got
At times my thoughts
They cause my mind to rattle,
God save me now
I don’t know how
To make this all less frightening,
Without your light
To break the night
I feel the rope is tightening




Awaken from your slumber, simmering one,
Old friend I know so well and miss
Brimstone has surrounded you for far too long,
Let your anger cool like waters kiss,
I need you more than ever now to warm my frozen heart
stuck in between a beat and stuck between breaking apart
Set my soul ablaze again, let faith run through my veins
Reawaken what sleeps now, take away old putrid pain
Purify me of the darkness I allowed to chase you out
Illuminate me with your warmth, chase the snakes out
Unburden me of banked flames seeking within me release
Let your passion flow through me, giving way to peace
I know I may have locked you up in fear of burning away,
But without some fire now and then I seem to lose my way
Walk with me again, I ask you take me on your wings,
Where swords are forged to win the war and dragons always sing


Art by Sarah Gomez

Follow her on Instagram: saraheliart

The Evolving Soul

Ever-changing in its length and in its gate
Stasis, an inconceivable notion to its state
A pinpoint, silently it turns, spiraling awake
At times exulting in its glory
At times dwindling away
Traveling life-spark, wisdom gathered
as it breathes in and out,
No stagnancy in its metamorphoses
as life takes chunks of it out,
Love the only balm
pinching together its open seams,
Before the cycle begins anew
Life, a never ending dream